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There are many activities to keep you busy besides just relaxing and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Activities include off-highway vehicle riding bird watching, star gazing, hiking, hunting, cycling, fishing (both fly & bait casting), swimming, exploring, sight seeing and boating, kayaking, canoeing in Ana Reservoir and Ana River. These are only a few of the many activities and pleasures you will enjoy in the Summer Lake Basin.

Fire Pit

Ana Reservoir is 1/3 mile from the park. Fremont National Forest/Winter Ridge is 1 mile west and BLM and Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife lands surround the area for a view of many types of wildlife.

Cleaning Shed

We have many conveniences at the RV Park



We have Oregons most beautiful open skies in the Summer Lake Basin, which are a must for stargazers.


If by chance you have a satellite dish on your RV and are looking to watch the game or your favorite TV show in the late evening hours. You will be needing some information to set up your dish.

There are atleast 6-7 different dishes, and each one has different numbers in regard to angles. You can get this information by visiting www.dishpointer.com and type in:

84594 Carlon Ln.
Summer Lake, OR 97640

Then select your dish type and model number, example:

DirectTV 3 LBN (101W, 110W, 119W)

It should bring up the numbers and correct information regarding your dish. If you are having problems, we recomend you call your dish network directly.

Information you will need when setting up your dish.

Latitude: 43.0057
Longitude: -120.7316

Direct TV
Elevation: 39.2
Azimuth: (true) 164.5
Azimuth: (mag) 148.8
Dish skew 101.3
110 W
d= 163.9 ft
h= 133.7 ft

Again, if you have problems, call your dish providing network.

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